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Band Camp

Wolves Marching Band: About the Band
"The call that brings us together during the first days of summer band camp and is recited before the last football game in the fall reminds us to keep focused, stay vigilant.

Doing Great Things. 

We are GR. The Green River High School Wolves Marching Band. "

Band camp for the Green River High School Wolves Marching Band is a 5-day summer camp that typically occurs the first week of August. Attending band camp is required for members and constitutes the main preparation the marching band makes prior to marching season. During band camp members will learn how to march, learn drill, and rehearse/memorize show songs.

The Marching Band, Drumline and Color Guard come together as one unit to begin piecing together the football season’s half-time field show. A lot of mental/physical preparation and focus is required to assure a productive week for the individual members and for the ensemble as a whole. The finale of band camp week is a BBQ meal/party — a time to celebrate our efforts and continue to deepen bonds with your new band family.

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The Band Camp


  • Everyone arrives at GRHS Bandroom.

  • Warm-up/Stretch 

  • New students learn basic marching technique and drill commands on the first day of band camp. 

  • Continue to learn drill without instruments; progress towards adding instruments. 

  • Each day has a themed "Dress Code " for fun and team spirit. 


  • Rehearse in Sections (Woowinds, Brass, Battery Percussion, Pit Percussion)

  • Rehearse music as a full ensemble. 

  • Color Guard continues to rehearse separately. 


  • Marching or Music Rehearsal as a full ensemble

  • Team-Building Activities and Games

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Preparing For Band Camp:

  • Make sure your instrument is in good working order before band camp

  • Purchase a flip folder and lyre (more information will be provided)

  • Wear athletic shoes, socks and appropriate clothing for hot August mornings. It is advisable to wear a hat and sunglasses and be sure to apply sunscreen.

  • Bring a water bottle. There will be frequent water breaks and a 1-hour lunch and dinner break for students to rest and recharge.

Please visit the Forms & Fees page and review the Band Handbook for more detailed information about being a member of the GRHS Wolves Marching Band.

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